Hans Peter Vles | Evelien Preisser

We, the people from RESCUED observe there are many residual materials, which we think are too useful or beautiful to be thrown away. We transform waste materials into new items, with attention to detail and a natural feeling for interior design. Designers? No, we don’t see ourselves as designers. We’d rather be creators or inventors. We invent new products; unique, remarkable interior accessories.





Look at the world through positive eyes and you’ll see treasures everywhere. That’s how we create RESCUED design. We transform leftovers and waste into wonderful originals. Surprising beauties with a good story. Sometimes as limited edition, the Rescued creations get a new life with visible tracks of the old life.

We want to serve the open minded, the bon vivant with an eye for ingenuity. With personal style and opinion. It’s for these people RESCUED creates products with a personality. Extraordinary, but accessible (and affordable).

People with an equally special story assemble our products. They are skilled craftsmen with disabilities. RESCUED is extremely proud of them! Housed close to the social workshop, we are close with the creators of our products.  New friends are made and new skills are learnt. Not always the easy way, but this is what we firmly believe in.






RESCUED contributes to the circular economy by extending the lifecycle of materials.

It all started with used olive oil tins. Empty, but with nice graphics all over they were left behind the store of a Greek shopkeeper, to be collected by the trash men. Too beautiful to be thrown away, we decided… Therefore we collected the used oil cans and transformed them into poufs; Our first product, the Cansit, was born.






With our product, you don’t purchase something common, you buy a piece of history. That one little imperfection characterizes a RESCUED product. It tells you something about the life the product has led before you met. That’s why the names of the products and corresponding product descriptions always tell you something about the origin of the product. This was me. And this is me now.



Rescued producten

39,95 incl. BTW (33,02 ex.)
Vanaf: 44,50 incl. BTW (36,78 ex.)
8,50 incl. BTW (7,02 ex.)
59,95 incl. BTW (49,55 ex.)
9,95 incl. BTW (8,22 ex.)
24,95 incl. BTW (20,62 ex.)
59,70 incl. BTW (49,34 ex.)
Vanaf: 43,50 incl. BTW (35,95 ex.)
Vanaf: 44,50 incl. BTW (36,78 ex.)
Vanaf: 43,50 incl. BTW (35,95 ex.)
34,50 incl. BTW (28,51 ex.)
Vanaf: 29,95 incl. BTW (24,75 ex.)
Vanaf: 44,50 incl. BTW (36,78 ex.)
9,95 incl. BTW (8,22 ex.)
89,95 incl. BTW (74,34 ex.)
112,50 incl. BTW (92,98 ex.)
Vanaf: 24,95 incl. BTW (20,62 ex.)
9,95 incl. BTW (8,22 ex.)
Vanaf: 64,95 incl. BTW (53,68 ex.)
12,95 incl. BTW (10,70 ex.)
72,00 incl. BTW (59,50 ex.)
19,95 incl. BTW (16,49 ex.)
9,95 incl. BTW (8,22 ex.)
29,95 incl. BTW (24,75 ex.)
69,00 incl. BTW (57,02 ex.)
Vanaf: 49,95 incl. BTW (41,28 ex.)
9,95 incl. BTW (8,22 ex.)
9,95 incl. BTW (8,22 ex.)